Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Marshmallow Cottonball???
(It's all about the fuzzy bunnies)

This one goes out to MR. Cottonball (you know who you are). As Easter approaches I thought it would be a nice idea to capture images of some of the lovely bunnies hopping around the UVic campus. For those of you who have attended UVic, you are well aware that the bunny is the true mascot of the institute. There were more rabbits before but their overabundance means periods of catch and release. Soon there should be numerous little baby bunnies bouncing around and I shall try to share a few photos of them when I can. Until then, I shall continue to wonder how Easter Bunnies lay eggs (it is all a little mysterious, don't you think?).

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has Sprung.

Victoria is an absolutely beautiful place to be in the spring (unless of course you have allergies - then you may disagree). However, school gets so hectic that, at times, it seems almost impossible to stop long enough to notice that the trees are budding and the flowers are in bloom. It is on the days that I run that I notice the season is changing - but then I don't have my camera with me. I tell myself to get back out and take some photos, and then life gets busy and I forget. So today I had a "stop and smell the roses (and other such blossoms)" moment to share with you!

JEN'S 1ST 5K!!

Sunday, March 25th has been an absolutely beautiful day. I was on the road by about 20 after 8am for a run up to the University to meet up with Jen at the SUB for the start of the AVP (anti-violence project - on-campus sexual assault centre) 5k run. Jen started running just a few months ago and the goal was to complete the 5k today. AND SHE DID!! I am so very proud of her accomplishment - she made it all the way around, without stopping, with a little kick at the end to boot! WELL DONE JEN!!

Next up - through the village to the ocean's edge and back!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I was deeply saddened today to learn that my other kitten, Mika, passed away during the night. It is a struggle to come to terms with how quickly the lives of both Mika and Sammy ended. As much as one can comprehend a viral or parasitic infection, that it can have such a devastating effect in such a short period is heart-wrenching. It is to Paul and Kat that we owe the greatest debt of gratitude as they made such great efforts to care for the cats but, in the end, were the one's who had to endured the blunt end of this tragedy. Mika was a little spitfire. Born as an orphan she made it through the first weeks growing into this tiny little furball that was determined to survive. I first saw here in a cage at a pet food store only weeks after she had been born and, at 5 weeks, was given permission to take her home. Placed in a box, she bounced and jostled along as I peddled my bike as speedily as I could to my flat. Once there, the small bundle of fluff had to endure the wrath of Sammy's distaste towards territorial intrusion.
It only took a few days of hissing, spitting and a few good swats by Sammy before she decided that Mika was not a threat and could stay. Within the week they had become siblings. From tearing around after to curling up with, they were inseparable.

With such similar coloring but a distinct difference in size, many thought they were mother-daughter. Whatever the connection, it is clear that one could not live without the other.

Mika will be remember as the most loveably independent little orphan and the mysterious bump-under-the-blanket.